Bubble tea business is not only a startup trend, but also a business model is profitable for many people. Nowadays, there are many young people who want to start a business with the Bubble Tea business, but are lacking in a solid orientation! So what do you need to prepare to open a high profit bubble tea shop? Please refer to the following article!

Bubble tea is still hot drinks with predicted market demand will grow well in the near future. The business of Bubble tea is not difficult, only with moderate investment, research and a little creative, you will have a business model Bubble tea brings a stable profit.

Although saying so, but whatever you do also need to prepare, plan carefully to guide the path of long-term development. Because you are not only competing with local Bubble teas, there are also big foreign brands that are very popular today.

Identify the right target customer
Nowadays, it’s easy to see that most young people love Bubble tea, and young people often go for Bubble tea in groups, so these are the first customers you should target. .

Couples and families also account for a large proportion of the total number of clients. It may depend on the location where the number of customers is more or less. However, this group of customers usually focus on the evening and the holidays, the weekend.

Identifying target customers will give you ideas to plan your Bubble tea business. Identifying the right target audience will help you make the most out of the Bubble Tea menu design, Bubble tea recipes, Bubble tea decorations, cup design, packaging …

Find the open source Bubble tea shop
With catering business, you need to find quality and reliable sources. Reliable raw materials will not only help you lose money on fake goods, poor quality goods, but also help ensure your reputation for customers. This is a prerequisite to keep customers, next to the delicious Bubble tea and beautiful Bubble tea.

The main ingredients such as tea, milk and jelly powder are very easy to find. You only need to note the aroma of tea, when mixed with milk will help to smell the tea blend not overwhelmed. You also need to invest in research into the types of jelly and topping, which is extremely attractive to consumers compared to the big Bubble tea brands, because they have very few types of topping.

Control the cost of opening Bubble tea
That’s what most people are worried about before embarking on the Bubble Tea business. How much does it cost to open a successful Bubble Tea shop? The answer will be depending on the size and style of your Bubble Tea shop you need to spend more or less capital!

There are two little Bubble tea business models: Bubble tea take away and Bubble tea onlin. When trading in Bubble tea in these two forms, you will save space rent, as well as decoration costs Bubble tea and investment desk furniture is also minimized.

Knowledge and skill of Bubble tea
Once you have prepared enough capital, determine the business model, business plan … the last piece you need is the knowledge of bubble tea. Professional bubble tea skills will help your Bubble Tea grow steadily, because from the basic formulas, you can develop into bold, personal recipes. Left in the mind and heart of the customer.

Where do you find this? You can research the materials, find out the Bubble tea recipes and experiment slowly, or you can go to prestigious bubble tea courses in Ho Chi Minh City to learn the basics. Mostly, help you understand the ingredients and learn the skills of making Bubble tea, creating new types of jellies and flavors.

You will be more confident with the products you sell, as well as create creative Bubble tea cups that taste and color nicely.

It is not difficult to trade Bubble tea, but it depends on many factors, including sustainable Bubble tea business plan, Bubble tea blending, and capital investment. Determined to succeed.

Hope this article will help you clearly see what it takes to seize the opportunity to start a Bubble Tea business, and make the right decision!