Mint Mojito is a popular mojito that almost of us regularly enjoy. But when, while sipping mojito mint, you think of other ingredients that can be combined with mojito? Raspberry mojito is another one of sweet and fresh mojito which is the perfect answer when you want to enjoy mojito alone at home.

Mojito is a popular drink because of the delicious taste and easy to make. Today, mojito is varied in many versions with different fruits.

Today we will explore how to make Raspberry mojito, which is suitable for enjoying the holidays of the year, outdoor parties or simply enjoying themselves after meals. dark.

How to make

* Raw materials

– A cup of sugar

– A glass of water

– 8 fresh mint leaves

– 6 fresh raspberries

– Juice from fresh lemon

– 2 fl oz Bacardi white rum

– 2 oz syrup sugar

– 1 glass of ice

– ½ cup soda water

Add raspberries and mint leaves to decorate

Steps to making raspberry mojito
Step 1: Blend the sugar syrup by combining 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water into a saucepan and bring to a boil. Stir the sugar to dissolve and remove from the stove. Then cool down to use.

Step 2: Prepare a glass, add mint leaves, raspberries, fresh lemon juice, rum and sugar syrup. Use a spoon or small pestle, grinding the raw to extract juice from mint leaves and raspberries.

Step 3: Add ice and soda to the glass. Decorated with fresh raspberries, mint leaves or lemon slices is complete.

This great drink will bring you moments of relaxation and fun! Raspberry mojito is not a strong cocktail, so this mojito recipe (similar to how to make mojito mango and watermelon) is great for sipping anytime you like. want.

Wish you success and delicious!