In hot summer days, a Mojito cup will help you cool down quickly and bring a sense of well-being. Here, we would like to show you how to make Mojito Watermelon Cocktail.

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10 leaves of mint.

A half of lemon is cut into 4 small pieces.

2 to 4 tablespoons brown sugar (depending on the taste).

1 piece of watermelon, remove the shell, cut pieces just eat.

1 cup of ice cubes.

35 gr of rum.

1 can of soda water (carbonated water).

Guide the steps taken Coktail Mojito Watermelon:

Processing raw materials

+ Lemon juice washed and extracted juice, filter out seeds.

+ Watermelon washed, take ¼ fruit (medium to medium size), peeled, peeled.

+ Wash the leaves of silver.

Guide the steps:

Step 1: First, you put mint leaves and a lemon slice into each cup, mint leaves and lemon for mint and mint, and add lemongrass and lime juice.

Step 2: Then add sugar, ½ watermelon and 2 slices of lemon, continue to grind lemon juice and watermelon juice.

Step 3: Next, add ice and pieces of watermelon intact to full cup and pour rum into the cup.

Step 4: Present the finished product

Add water until the cup is full. Stir well and taste well.

Decorate with 1 lemon slice, 1 slice of watermelon and 1 spoon of mint.

Note: Depending on the type of liquor you use, Mojito Glass has different flavors, giving you the absolute creativity for each barista.

So, with just a few simple ways, you have to have a glass of watermelon Mojito delicious, attractive in this summer