Taro is a very familiar dish in our country, normally most people use taro to boil fresh, make crispy fries, nutritious food for children … but when used to make With milk tea, taro will have the flavor of Bui Bui, attractive people will love it.

Taro milk tea after blending will give a very pleasant light purple color, delicious aroma, fatty bitterness of the milk mixed bitter tea, the smell of the taro mashed potatoes, everything is perfectly blended in a cup of milk tea. These delicious, cool tea cups of taro will cool all summer heat of the summer here!

taro tea
Taro milk tea is not only delicious but also eye-catching with outstanding colors

Ingredients in the recipe for pearl milk tea

– 80ml of ready-made pink tea
– 50 ml of hot water
– 30 grams of taro flour
– 15 grams of milk powder
– 20 ml of sugar water
Black bean sprouts
– Ice
– Essential tools: shaker shaker, cage holder, glass cup, …

Guide to make tea flavored sweet potato flavored

Step 1: You need to turn the ingredients such as 80 ml of red tea, 50 ml of hot water, 30 grams of taro flour, 15 grams of milk powder, 20 ml of sugar water inside the shaker shaker.

Step 2: Mix the ingredients and stir until all the ingredients are completely blended together.

Step 3: Add the ice cubes, tighten the lid and start shaking at a steady speed, decisively and evenly hand to make the milk tea cool quickly.

Step 4: Prepare the glass, scoop the black pearl seeds into the bottom of the glass and then pour the milk just finished mixing. Finally, enjoy a glass of sweet and sour cream, sweet potato.

Hope the article on how to make delicious taro tea at home as in this restaurant of Hocphache.com.vn can help you to add a delicious, nutritious and easy to drink. With free weekends, try to prepare the taro tea to treat the whole house.

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