Bananas and pineapples are two ingredients that are difficult to combine with each other, but with a little ingenious and if you have the correct recipes you will easily create a delicious banana pineapple flavored and be attractived by the believers on nutritious drinks. Choose ripe pineapples and bananas for a better way to make banana smoothies.

Do it right now!

Ingredients to make pineapple banana juice
– 2 of ripen bananas (should get aromatic banana for good quality)

– A haft of Pineapple

– 20ml of fresh milk

– A yogurt cup or 2 teaspoons condensed milk

– Blend ice planed ice

How to make pineapple banana juice
Step 1: Banana peeled and cut short, about 3 to 4 pieces per fruit is medium. Pineapple clean the shell, prune the eye, remove the core and then cut for easy grinding.

Step 2: Cut banana and pineapple into clean and dry blender. Next comes condensed milk, yoghurt and fresh milk and ice cubes. For a good slice of yogurt, you should only make ice cubes with ½ of banana and pineapple combined to make the fruit smooth and thin.

Step 3: Turn the blender and proceed to grind it smoothly. Smooth finishing you poured into clean cups prepared and then enjoy the cold.

Step 4: If you want a smoothie look better. You can use a thin piece of pineapple attached to the glass is beautiful without too complex. Now, just plug in a straw and a plastic spoon to eat the vitamins. You have finished the steps to make a nice glass of smoothie at the large drink counters.

Not too complex, even the way pineapple banana flavor that offer is very simple, fast right? Just from the easy to buy fruits, do not go red with a few simple steps that will have immediately delicious vitamins, nutritious and ensure hygiene to enjoy.