As a professional barista, you not only need to know how to distinguish between Arabica and Robusta, as well as dozens of other types of coffee. You need to know how to preserve coffee beans so that the taste of coffee is still intact when your customers begin using!

Although there may be effective preservation of coffee beans for six months, it is not the best way to keep your coffee beans from being deformed. But obviously we do not buy fresh coffee beans every day, just as most people consume coffee with those quantities. That means you have to think about preserving the coffee beans.

Coffee is a sensitive product, however, and you want to make sure you store it in a way that keeps it flavorful.

For good coffee preservation, here are some helpful barista tips that you can take note of.

Store all coffee beans, not grind
Each time you just take out enough coffee to phase, then store the whole coffee beans left. Coffee is oxidized quite quickly after exposure to air, which is why coffee lovers recommend that you manually grind coffee at home.

Use coffee beans within two weeks
Coffee beans are best consumed in a certain time after roasting, and if you keep them too long, they will become fuzzy, something that will have a serious effect on the taste of the recipe. Take your drink. Drinking your coffee for two weeks after roasting is a good rule of thumb.

And if you do not live near a coffee grinder, where you can easily get fresh roasted coffee beans, there are plenty of roasters going directly to your home. Having good coffee in hand has never been easier.

Preserve coffee beans in sealed containers
Just like you clean your coffee machine, you want a clean container to place your coffee beans. You can store them in bags that the seller offers you, but there are some other bags that will protect your coffee beans better.

There is a good way to preserve them, so choose a clear glass jar. Simply re-use the old glass vases available in your kitchen. But remember to clean it first and make sure it does not have any strange odors from what it contained before so as not to affect the smell of your precious coffee beans.

Place coffee beans in cool place, avoid direct sunlight
While coffee plants need sunlight to grow, your roasted coffee beans will be degraded under the action of the sun. So do not store the coffee beans on the window! Cabinets are a great place to store coffee and remember not to refrigerate!