Melon is often used by mixing with sugar, milk and ice cream have a very effective use. In addition, if you want to change for the new we can manually mix melon into aromatic syrup when combined with other ingredients.

How to mix melon with milk

Material needed to make:

  • A small melon with 500g
  • White sugar:¬†approximetaly 100g
  • 2 tps of condensed milk
  • Fresh milk: 100ml
  • Blanched or shaved ice


How to make melon smoothie:

Step 1: Cut the melon into twice, the intestines do not rush away, use the filter to remove seeds and keep the intestines. The aroma of the honey will help to enhance the flavor of the vitamin.

Step 2: Use the scoop of melon in the blender, add ingredients such as white sugar, condensed milk, milk and melon water in step 1. Cover the lid, start the machine and catch. All grinds.

Step 3: Add the stone to the grinder with about 45 seconds – 1 minute to let all the ingredients are blended.

Step 4: Melon melon with fresh milk to a glass, plug in the straw and enjoy when the drink is still cold.

With the above ingredients we can mix 2-3 cups of vitamins, you can depend on the number of users to adjust to suit.

In the preparation of vitamins at home, if there is no specialized blender, then it is best to kick stones to break or use ice to plan. Because with home-made grinders of small capacity, using too much unsuitable stone can break down the mill or break the blade.