Aloe vera is a great way to take care of your beauty, so be sure to use a lot of women’s trust in it. Fortunately, aloe vera is so easy to find and inexpensive it is always one of the most popular and friendly ingredients.

How to make aloe vera dish is quite simple, just you note the problems to help cleaners and deodorant bitter taste will have delicious, nutritious and cheap food.

Aloe Vera Ingredients (for 4 persons)
-600 grams of aloe vera (choose big dhow, heavy hand)

-20ml fresh lemon juice

-100ml of condensed milk with sugar

-200ml fresh milk without sugar

-400 – 500 grams of shaved ice

Banana and fruit jelly (if you can not ignore it)

How to make dough smoothie
Step 1: Firstly, to make delicious aloe vera, you need to carefully process the aloe vera. Rinse, use the knife to peel out the outer shell, do not save, but cut deep into the aloe vera to remove the green cover offline. The bark is made of bitter taste that makes it difficult to drink. Cut dough into pieces to eat.

Step 2: Prepare a brass water filter diluted with less salt and dip for about 15 minutes. Then drain out to drain and squeeze with salt. Rinse thoroughly under cold water. Continue to soak in ice water for about 15 minutes, you will now find much less acidity and aloe vera also becomes crispy, more delicious. Remove the detergent, add to the mix with sand to make it taste sweet.

Step 3: You give 1/3 of the detergent with condensed milk, fresh milk, lemon juice, ice, some drops of banana oil into the smoothie and smoothed. Depending on your taste that can reduce the amount of milk offline.

Step 4: Pour the mixture into a glass, add fruit jelly, and the aloe is up. Now enjoy fresh flavors with crispy crisps.

For the purpose of weight loss, you should limit sugary condensed milk instead of sugar-free fresh milk to make the tasty fat. If you are too familiar with how to make banana pineapple slimming weight loss then why not try the aloe vera?

Aloe Vera has a fresh aroma of fresh Aloe Vera, not viscous or bitter. The more strange mouth when there are pieces of crispy crispy crunchy, served with unique fruit jelly. In addition, you can grind aloe with your favorite fruits such as kiwi, banana or cucumber to taste better, easier to drink.