It is often said that Baby jackfruit is a fruit from heaven because Baby jackfruit is used in food and medicine, including flesh and seeds. In addition, with baby jackfruit we can also use to make cool vitamins to help beautiful skin and prevent many diseases.

The useful of Baby Jackfruit
Lycopene in Baby Jackfruit has been found by scientists to be 70 times higher than that of tomatoes. Lycopene is active in the treatment of hepatitis, cirrhosis, hypotension, dyslipidemia, dry eye, blurred vision, neutralizing carcinogens. The beta carotene in Baby jackfruit is many times as much as carrots and sweet potatoes.


With these great benefits you can definitely not forget how to make baby jackfruit vitamins using the simple formula below.

Sweet Baby Jackfruit cooler helps to beautiful the skin and prevent many diseases

How to make smoothies baby jackfruit beautiful skin, prevention

Please prepare ingredients to make the juice
– A big Baby Jackfruit

– Sweetened sugar: 2 tablespoons

– Alkyl sulfur: 10 ml


How to make delicious nutritious juice from baby jackfruit
Step 1: Add the baby jackfruit and then use the knife to get the red meat and remove the seeds. Before mashing, make the baby jackfruit juices until water ripen.

Step 2: After waiting for the baby jackfruit to cool down, add to the blender and ingredients 2 tablespoons condensed milk, 10 ml syrup sugar. Cover the lid and grind raw materials, continue to add ice cubes to the mill to blend completely.

Step 3: Add the baby jackfruit to the ready-made glass. After the preparation is finished we should enjoy as soon as the cold, to avoid melting ice will lose the taste of delicious.

Always make the way to make baby jackfruit that # has shared beautiful skin is very nutritious suitable for everyone, especially with children. Baby jackfruit vitamins contain the essential vitamins that help keep the body healthy, bright eyes.