Purple potatoes has long been a familiar and simple food of many families. But little is known about the origin of this South American food, which is far from potato. Purple potatoes contain potassium, starch, amino acids, vitamins, fiber and many trace elements, so there are many health benefits for the user.

However, not everyone is aware of the specific uses of purple sweet potatoes, so many people have accidentally discarded this wonderful food.

When combined sweet potato with ingredients such as fresh cream, fresh milk, coconut milk, condensed milk … in a simple way to make vitamins, we will have a glass of not only delicious, But there are countless great uses. The typical effects are blood pressure stabilization, good for people with diabetes, support weight loss, good for digestive system …

Also according to experts purple sweet potato can help soften the skin, limiting the appearance of wrinkles. Because purple sweet potatoes contain a lot of fiber, minerals and other nutrients, especially high levels of anthocyanin, which help fight oxidation, prevent aging and cancer.

Purple sweet potato salad
Sweet potato purple helps to smooth the skin and is especially good for digestion

How to make smoothies purple sweet potatoes, good for digestion
The ingredients to make sweet potato purple
-200 grams of purple sweet potato

-200 ml fresh cream

-15 ml fresh or canned coconut milk

-100 ml of fresh milk

-30 ml of sweetened condensed milk

-1 cup ice

-1 coconut cream

– Tools: cooker, stove, knife, cutting board, blender, cup, spoon …

How to make sweet potato purple
Step 1: Buy purple potatoes clean, add to the pot with a pinch of salt and add more water and potato is flooded with potatoes. Put on the stove to boil for about 15 minutes, then pick up the potatoes to drain.

Step 2: Peel the purple sweet potatoes, cut into small pieces.

Step 3: Prepare the blender and then 15 ml of coconut milk, 30 ml of condensed milk, 100 ml of fresh milk, ice cream and ice.

Step 4: Cover the lid and mash the mixture. Then pour the sweet potato violet into prepared glass, then add a coconut cream to the top. Cut a sliced purple sweet potato vinegar, then tied up on the rim of the glass cup to decorate the eye. When you use just stir the vitamins are okay.

Depending on your preference for thick or thin, you can reduce the amount of fresh milk. Purple sweet potatoes are naturally sweet, so use fresh milk without sugar.