Carrots and tomatoes can be incorporated into delicious, nutritious cups but are rich in nutrients besides being used as a food ingredient. They are good for the your health.

Carrots with tomatoes are easy to make; they are varied from the traditional carrot juice mix. What you need to prepare is just a carrot, tomato and honey. For more refreshing drinks.

Before starting to mix carrot and tomato, we should refer to how to choose fresh ingredients. When choosing good tomatoes, carrots can ensure the quality of the drink.

Tomatoes: You should choose tomatoes in bold colors and consistent. The yellow or green spots on red tomatoes are a sign that tomatoes are ripe. Choose tomatoes with round, smooth shade and no wrinkles or soft, watery.

Carrots: Choose hard carrots with bright orange and smooth skin. Avoid black carrots near the tops and soft because they are not fresh. Choose the medium size smaller head, body and tail can be thicker.

Now let’s work with to discover how to make delicious carrot and tomato smoothies using the formula below.

How to make carrot juice with delicious tomatoes that easy to do
Ingredients used to make carrot and tomato smoothies

  • A big tomato
  • A big carrot
  • 2 tps of Honey
  • Haft cup of water
  • Ice


Tools: blender, glass, spoon, knife, cutting board …

How to make carrot and tomato smoothies

Step 1: Pre-processing of raw materials:

– Tomato is cleaned after buying then┬ácut corners.

– Carrot is cleaned, use a clean knife and cut small pieces.

Step 2: Once you have prepared the ingredients, you will put tomatoes, carrots, half a glass of water and 2 teaspoons of honey into the blender. Cover the lid, press the grinder until the mixture is smooth, then turn off the ice cubes and continue to grind until completely blended.

Step 3: Add the carrots and tomatoes to the prepared glass, decorate with slices of carrot and sprinkle the flowers to make the drink look more vivid. Finally, enjoy your achievements right away.

According to the nutritionists regularly use carrot and tomato scent will bring many health benefits such as strong bones, help prevent eye diseases and cardiovascular disease, help digestion, prevent Constipation, lowers cholesterol, improves skin to prevent acne effectively.