The coffee ice cream cup is a wonderful combination between the rich flavor but the unique flavor of coffee blended with the creamy, creamy, extremely cool taste that fascinates many families and young people, the way making milk coffee ice cream is not difficult, go to the kitchen to learn how to make fresh ice cream with us.

Last time, I introduced you how to make ice cream without whipping cream (or whipping cream). However, fresh milk ice cream is an important ingredient, bringing the aromatic flavor to each glass of ice cream, so it’s hard to ignore how to make ice cream using whipping cream!

Instructions for making milk coffee ice cream recipe
Ingredients to use in making ice cream Coffee milk
• Whipping cream 200ml

• Milk 200ml

• Egg yolk 2

• Coffee 2 packs

• 40gram line

How to make milk coffee cream

Step 1: Put the egg yolk, milk, sugar and sand into the cooking pot with small heat, just cook and stir your hands to dissolve the sugar and the ingredients blend together.

Step 2: Put the coffee in the mixture, continue to stir the coffee and then turn off the stove to cool down.

Step 3: Add fresh cream whipping cream to the bowl using a whisk to beat the cream and remove it. Remember, do not overeat the cream and it will be hard and easy to peel off.

Step 4: Add fresh ice cream to the coffee mixture and mix well for the ingredients to blend together.

Step 5: Put the coffee cream mixture into the ice cream mold into the freezer freezer every 1 hour, then remove the cream once so that when the cream freezes, it will be softer and softer.

Step 6: You repeat it like that 3-4 times.

This creamy milk ice cream is good for your family health, it provides just enough caffeine as a way to make sesame ice cream, or how to make Thai coconut sticky ice cream, to help stimulate any more activity, not to make you sleepless. .

What are you waiting for, don’t go to the kitchen to practice right away.

Wish you success with how to make this fresh ice cream.