Mojito green tea combined with cucumber will have the gentle taste of green tea combined with the crunchy cucumber to revel in the hot days.

If you love green tea mojito and want to experience a new way of processing, you can try the recipe mojito green tea cucumber. Mojito green tea cucumber with the main ingredient is green tea and cucumber are two kinds of food is rich in nutritive medium cool, especially suitable for hot summer.

Green tea is known for its ability to limit oxidation, prevent premature aging, eliminate toxins in the body, reduce stress and fatigue. Cucumber helps to heat summer bar, support weight loss. With this unique mojito you will have a nutritious drink for the whole family to enjoy.

Guide to making mojito green tea the simplest cucumber
Raw materials mojito green tea cucumber
– 80 ml of rume wine

– A fresh lime

– Some of mint leave

– A Packaged Green tea bag

– A cucumber

– A soda

– White sugar: 150 grams

How to make mojito green tea cucumber
Step 1: Cucumber syrup: Wash cucumber, thinly sliced, sugar and a cup of water into a pot of boiling, stirring until sugar dissolved, add the cucumber cut into the same. Then pick up the cucumber, to the siro into the refrigerator.

Step 2: Soak tea bag filter in boiling water for about 3 minutes, take the tea bag and then put the tea in the refrigerator until you use it.

Step 3: Put the mint leaves into the jar and squeeze the lime juice into the jar. Use a spoonful of crushed mint leaves.

Step 4: Continue to add the juice of half a lemon left, rum, green tea and cucumber syrup into the jar then shake.

Step 5: Pour the mixture just shake the glass with ice, add soda with some slices of cucumber, lemon, fresh mint leaves into the glass.