If you are looking for an appealing drink that is both refreshingly natural and offers a great refreshing sensation, strawberry soda is the top choice not to be missed.

To make strawberry soda, we can choose to buy syrup on the market, but if you want you can still make them at home. With homemade syrup, the raw materials are mostly sugar and fresh strawberries, so they often carry a natural color that looks attractive and ensures absolute safety.

Let’s learn how to make delicious strawberry soda with simple instructions below.

Strawberry soda

Attractive and nutritious strawberry soda will be a great drink when the weather turns season

Essential Ingredients:

– 450 grams of strawberries

– 10g sugar

– Soda

– 10 ml lime juice

– Mint leaf

– Ice

Blending of strawberry syrup

Step 1: Rinse the strawberries under the tap and then soak them with diluted saline, cut off the petioles using a strawberry knife in 4 parts.

Step 2: Put the mulberry into a large mixing bowl, using all the tools until all the water is gone, then add the sugar, mix the ingredients.

Step 3: Pour everything into the saucepan, catch on the stove and boil with large fire, stirring occasionally. When the bubbly liqueur is heated, lower the heat to low and simmer for 15 minutes, continue to stir and skim.

Step 4: After the cooking time, turn off the heat, leave the kitchen, let cool and put into the container and store in the refrigerator use gradually.

How to make strawberry soda:

Step 1: Add a small amount of syrup to the glass, add 10 ml of lime juice and 5 mint leaves, stir well.

Step 2: Put ice cubes into the glass, add more soda. Decorate on top with a slice of lemon or fresh strawberries that you can enjoy right away.

With simple ingredients, you can prepare yourself a delicious strawberry soda, nourishing for hot days.

In addition of strawberry soda, you can try to make other kinds of soda fruit, such as grapes, blueberries or raspberries soda for┬ámaking the richness of your family’s tasty!