In hot summer days, you should drinks something like mojjto are preferred for deheating quickly, easily brewed for good health should not be strange when the mojito again human heart, home in the summer so. Mojito is very diverse but based on a common foundation, so if you know a mojito, you can create more mojito drinks. Today, we will introduce you how to make lime mojito – one of the favorite mojito drinks today.

The Preparation, you needed some materials which belows:
– Mojito mint syrup: 20ml
– Passion fruit syrup: 20ml
– Soda: It can be replaced by 7up
– A lime
– Some mint leave
– 10g of sugar
– Of course, Ice
Mixing tools: glass, shaker, stirrer, …

How to make
Step 1: Prepare shaker shaker (clean, dry), cut 2 slices of lemon.

Step 2: In turn the ingredients include 20ml mojito mint syrup, 20ml passion syrup, 2 lemon slices, 10gr of white sugar into the pot. In the next step, you use the pestle to mix the mixture and crushed mixture.

Step 3: Slowly kick the ice cubes into the jar, then cover the lid and mix until the mixture is completely mixed.

Step 4: Open the shaker shaker lid to pour the mixture into the prepared high-grade glass. Hand over the mint leaves and then add more soda water to the glass so that the mouth about 1.5 cm away from the stop.

Step 5: Add the lemons, take half, scrape seeds and then top up to decorate. Now you can enjoy a glass of mojito lemon juice cool.