Bubble tea is the hot drink most often mentioned by young people on the occasion of each other, with many famous brands from abroad and in the country. Bubble tea business is becoming a more attractive start-up opportunity than ever before. How much does it cost to open a Bubble Tea shop? Today #cocktailforlove will find the answer in the article below!

When trading any item, in addition to plan, strategy, the capital to prepare is important. Capital helps you navigate the breadth of your Bubble Tea, as well as determine the Bubble Tea business plan to match the capital you have.

In case you do not want to use the franchise from the big Bubble tea brands, but want to open a Bubble tea with their own Bubble tea recipe, the question is open Bubble tea shop need. How much money is enough?

The answer really depends on the business model Bubble tea big or small! The cost of opening a bubble tea shop could be as high as $ 10 million, $ 20 million or $ 100 million.

So what’s the cost of opening a Bubble Tea shop?

The cost of opening your Bubble tea costs a fraction of the Bubble tea. In particular, the main ingredients such as tea, milk, sugar, jelly powder are not too expensive. However, you need to choose the place to sell the materials, to ensure the quality of Bubble tea as well as the health of consumers, because the belief that customers will make your Bubble Tea shop more sustainable.

Teas that can be used to make Bubble tea, such as black tea, oolong tea, are now available in small tea shops. You can refer to Phuc Long for about $ 10 per kilo of black tea. 1.2kg thick, priced at $ 2-3 / box, available in most stores and supermarkets. Jelly powder, cheap agar.

You can buy enough pre-used materials for a week, after which you can buy more. Once the business has entered the stable, you can adjust according to the actual situation.

In addition to the cups, spoons, straws … you can get at wholesale prices of about 1,000 – 1,500 / set. Design an impressive logo to create a highlight on your Bubble tea cup. The amount depends on the size of your Bubble Tea. When you get wholesale, you can be delivered to your place.

Business premises Bubble tea shop
Once you have the material, you need to find the right place for the Bubble Tea business. Crowded, residential, office or school locations are ideal for selling Bubble tea. The layout does not need to be too large but it must be airy, clean, and especially if there is a parking space will be an advantage. These sites cost between $ 5 million and $ 10 million, depending on which area you choose.

Depending on the amount of money you can spend on investment that can be space investment or simple

You can choose the Bubble tea take away business model to save on space or furniture costs. But you should still prepare some sets of tables and chairs for guests to enjoy, because customers who drink Bubble tea often go in groups, families or couples.

A set of tables and chairs is about 400,000 – 600,000 VND / simple set. Depending on the area of the Bubble tea you decide how many sets of furniture.

Capital to decorate Bubble tea
If the capital is small, you do not need to decorate too sophisticated, just make sure the space is cool, spacious, clean. You can paint light pastel colors, soothe eyes. Another way is to decorate the Bubble tea with cool pots, because the natural green is what young people today like because it feels close to nature.

Bookshelves and showcases are very attractive and do not cost much. You can also combine with the sale of books or bonsai at your Bubble tea shop to increase your income. Is not this a bad idea? If the capital is stronger, you can invest more comfortable furniture, space more majestic.

Costs for other equipment needed to open Bubble tea
Also, you should prepare yourself a cabinet or Bubble tea large enough to display the jelly, topping Bubble tea in a more eye-catching. Next to the taste of Bubble tea, jelly or topping Bubble tea is what attracts young people today. The cost of cabinets, carts and utensils for Bubble tea jars is between $ 5 and $ 8 million.

If you have a cooler, refrigerator to preserve Bubble tea ingredients, you can take advantage of it from the family to save money from 3 to 5 million.

With the initial investment not too big, you have yourself a small Bubble tea shop, generate income, profit every day. You will quickly pay back after 2-3 months if the business situation is good. However, because you are new, you need to capitalize around the first 3 months, to easily regulate the business of the Bubble.