Cocktail Campari impresses with the blood-red color. Its unique aroma, Cocktail Campari gives you an unforgettable experience when coming to Italy.

Cocktail Campari is made with the main ingredient is the color of Campari wine is bright red color. Alcohol is often used as an appetizer in Italian meals, it improves the taste of the food and improves the taste of the meal. Made from herbs, its bitter taste and aroma will make many people unfamiliar, but when you get used to it, many people are addicted to the bitter taste of it. Cocktails are often served cold and are classed as classic cocktails. Learn how to mix this cocktail!

Materials to be prepared:

• 30 ml of Campari wine

• 75 ml of gin

• 20 ml Angostura bitters

• Few orange slices to decorate


Steps to make this delicious cocktail:

Step 1: Put the ingredients into the cocktail shaker, scoop the ice cubes.

Step 2: Shake the ingredients so that they blend together. About 30 seconds shake.

Step 3: Use a sieve on the glass, pouring the cocktail into the glass through the mesh.

Step 4: Place a slice of orange in the top of the glass or put it on the cocktail to decorate the beverage.

Although the classic recipe uses gin to make cocktails, you can substitute it with other wines such as whiskey and vodka. Also, if you are not familiar with the bitter taste of Campari wine, you can suppress it with other ingredients such as syrup, honey …

In Europe, the cocktail style is as colorful as the cocktails, so you can also learn how to make a very distinctive cocktail brandy from the land of fog.