“Hey, do you know Tom Collins?” This is the beginning of the story of New Yorkers – and maybe somewhere in the United States, in 1874, when they met. Who is Tom Collins? It was the name of the most despised and hunted man at that time, eventhough there’s no one had ever met.

In a story told, Tom Collins is a fierce and noisy, often harsh critic of the people he meets, although they are not. Fortunately, some good people in some pubs were quick to find the unlucky visitor mentioned in Collins’ anger to tell them about the denials.

The victims were immediately encouraged to look for Collins to speak right. However, when they arrived at the pub where Collins had just been supposed to be, there was no sign of him. The reason for this unexpected situation is that there are no real Tom Collins.

This joke was later known as the hoax of the great Tom Collins. It was even included in the songs and prompted several times in the press. And a bartender who bravely created the Tom Collins cocktail for any guest at the bar called Tom Collins, will be served a cocktail called this joke.

Two years later, Jerry Thomas, the father of American martial arts, wrote the cocktail recipe in “The Bartender’s Guide.”

How to make cocktail Tom Collins

Step 1: Sprinkle with golden lemon juice, cut in half and squeeze the juice. Separator filter. Tip: Do not squeeze lemon too well will make the lemon juice bitter and taste the characteristics of the cocktail.

Step 2: Pour water and sugar into a small pot, put the pot on the stove and boil. Boil well until the sugar has dissolved completely in water then turn off the stove and let it cool.

Step 3: Pour the Gin, mix sugar, lime juice and ice in a cocktail shaker and shake for 30 seconds. Then pour the mixture into a glass, pour the soda water up and stir.

Like other sour cocktails, use a slice of orange and a cherry to decorate the glasses for a nice look and enjoy.