Lime and strawberry Cocktail

A luscious and delicious cocktail will be the perfect refreshment for you in hot weather. Let us teach you how to mix lemon mulberry cocktail full of identity and was thirsty!

– Fresh strawberries: 540 grams
– Lemon: eight fruits (estimated 290 ml of juice)
– Sugar: 240 grams
– Water: 280 ml
– Cold water: 4-6 cups
– Vodka: 1 cup
– Ice

Method of doing:

– Put the water and sugar into a small pot and cook the fire just enough for the sugar to dissolve.

– Wait for the sugar water to cool down, then you put the strawberries in 1 / 2ly sugar water into the smoothie and smooth.

– Place ice in a large flask and place the crushed strawberries. Then add the lemon juice, filtered water and sugar water and add volka cocktail to mix up the finished finished drink cocktail lemon delicious ice cream for the summer.

This lemonade cocktail is so easy to make? You should not go outside the shop, but you also have the ability to make many delicious citrus cocktail cups at home. Record these steps for often showing the talent to make some cocktail sip with family and friends are nothing more ideal.
In addition to the delicious lemon cocktail, you can watch the majority of ways to change the cocktail unknown in the same module drop and enjoy the time! Then the life of his house will be more nuanced.

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