Besides Bubble tea and how to make Bubble tea familiar Tea Bubble tea Bubble tea jelly is still the first choice of young people with attractive taste.

Delicious but to make Bubble tea this jar we need a process of skillful, meticulous preparation of raw materials, until the preparation phase.

All will be solved easily thanks to the simple Bubble Tea Glaze Tea below.

Ingredients for vegetables and coffee

– Gelatine powder: 30 grams

– Coffee powder: 75 grams

– White sugar: 110 grams

Bubble tea ingredients

– Tea No. 9: 100 grams

– Indo Instant Milk: 400 grams

– Sugar: 350 grams

How to make Bubble tea jelly delicious vegetables at home
How to make coffee jelly

Step 1: Add 50 grams of sugar and 125 ml of filtered water to the pot. When the water begins to boil, add 75 grams of coffee powder, use stirring tools and strong hands to dissolve and not taste lumps.

Step 2: In another bowl contains 125 ml of filtered water, then sprinkle 30 grams of gelatine powder on top, using the stirring cage to dissolve completely. Add the coffee mixture, stirring again.

Step 3: Put the green onions and then put them in the fridge to freeze for about 2 hours. If you want to mix bubble tea cheese jar, then at this step you just add a few small cheese into the mold before filling the fish is. When used, take the agar to cut into pieces to eat.

How to make Bubble tea

Step 1: Boil the pot of water 1 liter, turn off the kitchen for 100 grams of tea 9 in the incubator for 30 minutes, then filtered for tea.

Step 2: Mix the sugar and powdered milk together in a large glass or glass. Add tea water, stirring to dissolve.

Step 3: Add 100 ml of Bubble Tea to the jar, add ice. Cover the lid and shake it, keeping your hands together.

Step 4: Pick up the green tea from the cup of coffee, pour the Bubble tea into it so you can enjoy it right away.

Bubble tea is a juicy, delicious bubble tea, accompanied by a delightful feeling when chewing on crunchy crunchy crispy vegetables. In case you chew vegetables not enough, you can increase the brilliance of the topping by replacing the vegetables with fruit, such as in the way to make Bubble tea fresh fruit, or how to make Bubble tea Dig hard to resist