Centella is not only a mixture of vitamins, aromatic water but also a medicinal herbs to eliminate toxins in the body. Let’s learn how to make delicious and simple centella for your family is healthy.

How helpful of Centella?
Centella is a vegetable, grass, under the view of Oriental medicine, centella has a bitter taste, cool features, heat effect, detoxification, hydro, blood, commonly used to cure sore throat, cough, diarrhea, acne. boils … This is a very good material again familiar, easy to find centella in the wilderness.┬áVitamin Centella is a fresh, cool green body heat

Centella can be used as a vitamin to help calm the body, especially on hot days. However, since it is a herb, Centella has a pungent odor, so many people have ignored it. The following article will share the secret tips to vitamin centella delicious, remove some of the strong smell of vegetables.

Refer to the following recipe for centella smoothie.

How to make

-A little of centella



– Green peas or green beans peeled (for centella beans)

Steps by steps
How to make centella smoothie coconut milk

Step 1: buy centella, wash thoroughly because centella is easy to mix with mud. Then cut puree.

Step 2: For every 100g centella you put in about 100ml of pure water to grind the juice. The centella comb is then sifted through the sieve or a comb for juice.

Step 3: Coconut milk you take all water and chopped coconut to separate. For every 220ml of centella juice, add 110ml of coconut milk, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 3 tablespoons of coconut milk and a small amount of shaved ice. Depending on your intake you can reduce the amount of sugar to your taste. Because you have coconut rice, you do not need to add your milkshake.

How to make green bean centella

The steps to make green bean centella relatively similar to the above.

Step 1: First wash the centella and then puree, squeeze the juice.

Step 2: 120ml centella juice for 110ml green pea milk (if you use steamed green beans for 2 – 3 tablespoons and 200ml of vegetable juice), 1 tablespoon of sugar for smooth green, can enjoy.

Regularly make centella coconut syrup and green centella mung beans for your loved ones to drink heat, detoxify the body offline!