Your summer will be delightful, fresh when enjoying Shirley Temple mocktail with brilliant red, eye-catching. This is a perfect choice for you and your family on hot summer days.

Shirley Temple is one of the finest and easiest mocktail. This is a simple, non alcoholic drink and quite popular. This dish is suitable for everyone, including adults and children. The Shirley Temple Mocktail is named after a famous young star and the main ingredient to make a Shirley Temple mocktail consists of lemon soda, ginger ale, pomegranate syrup. Mocktail Recipes are easy to make, even if you are clumsy or can be done right at home.

Mocktail Shirley Temple looks attractive with eye-catching red

Material needed for mocktail:

R Soda Lemonade: 84 ml

– Soda ginger ale: 84 ml

– Syrup Pomegranate

– Cherry sugar decorated with sugar

How to prepare mocktail:

Step 1: Prepare a glass of collins containing ice cubes, pour lemon soda and soda ginger ale into.

Step 2: Add one tablespoon of pomegranate syrup. Then stir it all.

Step 3: Decorate with a cherry on the face for lively. Enjoy the cold.

You can choose it for yourself or the kids at most of the restaurants you visit.

Then completed a cool, beautiful Shirley Temple mocktail. Too simple and fast not you? The combination of fresh and soda from syrups will bring you a delicious drink can not be ignored. Shirley Temple is suitable for enjoying after meals or at parties, birthdays. wish you success and delicious with mocktail Shirley Temple!