Mary Bloody mocktail – What do you know about it? Have you ever tried it?  I think one should not forget a particular name on the list of Cocktails available at every pubs if you’re working as a bartender.

Bloody Mary is a popular cocktail containing vodka, tomato juice and other spices or flavors such as Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, Piri Piri sauce, beef or celery juice, olives , salt, black pepper, Cayenne pepper, lemon juice. So this dish has been called “the most sophisticated cocktail in the world”.

The origin of Bloody Mary is unclear, and there are many contradictory claims made by those who invented it. The first person claimed to have invented Bloody Mary in 1921, Bartender Fernand Petiot worked at the Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, (Bar Harry also claimed to have created many other classic cocktails, including the White Lady. and the Side Car). The original Bloody Mary version was half tomato juice and half vodka.

The second story is tied to a terrifying horror story about a maiden being an anonymous Bartender on Halloween. The name of this cocktail was inspired by her. Legend has it that in the middle of the night someone calls 3 times Bloody Mary … Bloody Mary … .Bloody Mary … in front of the mirror, you will see the girl has thin hands and sharp fingers to hook your eyes for dare to call her name is. This red blood cocktail is likened to the water she drinks after punishing the person who named her with the newly hooked eye decorated on the rim of the tomato and their blood. inside.

Do you still want to try the world’s most controversial cocktail of its creativity? If so, let’s try our Bloody Mary way today

To make Bloody Mary’s Cocktail, you need the following materials:
– Chilli sauce (Tabasco): 2 drops
– Salt: ½ tps
– Ground pepper: ½ tps
– Vodka: 60ml
– Tomato juice: 90ml
– Lemon juice: 15ml
– 3 drops of Worcestershire sauce

Please note that Worcestershire sauce is the “fish sauce” of the United States, has a sweet and sour taste, dark brown. Use in salads, fried meat, burgers and other recipes. In addition to cooking, the sauce is also used for tasting, making sauce directly for boiled vegetables, steaming, and even making cocktails.

Guide to Making Bloody Mary Cocktail

Very simple: Shake all the ingredients thoroughly with ice. Pour into a glass of ice.

Decoration: You can decorate the most sophisticated or simply put a slice of lemon on the glass.