Mango is a familiar fruit of the tropical climate, including Vietnam, this is a favorite dish is also favorite, in addition to mango is also used to smooth the fruit to drink effectively. . However, not everyone knows the nutritional value of mango, especially with young children. Learn how to make yogurt smoothies yogurt with the simple formula below for your baby enjoy at home.

Mango fruit is a very good food for children, in the mango fruits are high in amino acids to strengthen the immune system. In addition to vitamin A and beta carotene, these nutrients protect the eyes of children, helping the brain to function more efficiently and better for the digestive system.

When children from 6 months to 5 years old you can practice for children to get acquainted with mango with nutritious noodles.

Material used for preparation

– A Fried mango

– Yogurt with sugar

How to make yogurt mango

Step 1: Choose the mango ripen, peeled, take the meat of the mango chop cut into small pieces.

Step 2: Prepare the blender, add mango and yogurt to grind until finely grinded.

Step 3: Pour a glass of juice and enjoy the baby right away.


If your baby likes sweet, you can add condensed milk with sugar, fresh milk and honey to make the mango smoothies easy to eat and fatty.

With this blend mango and yogurt are blended together to create a mango flavor that is unique and appealing to the baby. Now you go to the kitchen to make way Mango smoothie just finished learning it.

Wish you success and delicious baby with yogurt mango.