The combination of red watermelon, banana and yogurt will bring you a nice drink that is cool and nutritious. Watermelon is a water-additive contributing to keeping the skin from becoming dry and softer. Meanwhile, yogurt contains many beneficial bacteria that support digestion very well.

Just with the simple steps to make yogurt smoothies on yogurt, you will get a drink that has many great benefits for health.

yogurt watermelon yogurt


Ingredients used to make 2 cups of melon

-1 bowl of watermelon peeled, seeded, chopped

-1 banana fruit

-½ cup of yogurt


-½ tablespoons sugar

How to?

Step 1: Ripe banana is peeled, then cut small pieces and put into the freezer for 20 minutes. This is the secret to smooth finish.

Step 2: Give all ingredients including bananas, watermelon, sugar, yogurt, ice cubes and some water to the blender.

Step 3: Turn the machine and puree the mixture, then pour into prepared glasses and enjoy the cold to feel the taste of this vitamin.

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