Sangria is a famous drink originated in Spain, usually consisting of wine, chopped fruit, sweetener and a small amount of alcohol. This drink is very popular with both Spaniards and Portuguese. Sangria comes from “Sangre”, Spanish for “blood”, because the red color is the characteristic of this drink. Someone has compared Sangria as the woman in love: sweet, fascinating, and very passionate. Sangria has hundreds of different recipes, depending on the taste and taste of each person, which is varied in many ways. guide you how to mix some of the most popular and delicious Sangria. If you are a fan of alcoholic beverages, do not miss out on these great Sangria recipes

Today, I would like to show you the recipe of Guava Sangria

The ingredients should be prepared to prepare Guava Sangria

To prepare Guava Sangria, you need to prepare the following ingredients

Ingredients used to make Sangria

260 ml red wine
100 ml Tequila
30 ml of agave syrup
Three guava guava
Two limes
A little cinnamon powder
A cocktail shaker
Four glass chillies are available

Material used for decoration

A little orange

How to mix Guava Sangria

Cam is cleaned and then made into four equal parts
Remove the lemon juice and remove all the seeds. You should not squeeze too much lemon juice will make the lemon juice bitter and lose the delicious Sangria
Sprinkle clean, take four guava out and cut into small pieces like knuckles. The rest you put in a blender and puree.
For red wine, tequila, Agave syrup, lime juice, guava juice and cinnamon powder to a cocktail shaker and shake the mixture for one minute.
Pour the mixture into four glass cups, using orange pieces and pieces of guava to decorate the glass sangria for beautiful and attractive then enjoy.