Anyone who has opened a Bubble Tea shop knows that business is not a game of chance, so do not repeat the mistakes of thousands of people who jump into the Bubble Tea business, but fail because of lack of understanding. experience, and lack of business tips Bubble tea.

So to open a successful Bubble tea, what steps do you need to prepare before the “launch” date?

1. How much does Bubble tea cost?
Shock: 0 capital, still business Bubble tea success!

With the bubble tea business model online, you can completely trade Bubble tea without the need for capital, no need to hire employees … The only thing you need to do is learn the Bubble tea selling experience. online, and how to find many customers to order Bubble tea online.

Capital 10 million: Bubble tea “students” super attractive

With a capital of 10 million, you can start with the business of bubble tea pavement trolley, aimed at students, students … Note that when trading on the sidewalk, you have to decorate the car Bubble Her eye is really eye-catching, even unique in the middle of crowded streets. In addition, you can add a sound system, an ad for the Bubble Tea is impressive and always available with attractive music.

100 million – open Bubble tea, enough?

You can completely open a small Bubble tea with a capital of 100 million, serving from 20 to 30 customers at the same time. It is important that you select a business location in crowded locations, diversify your beverage menu, and accurately calculate your working capital to cover the monthly rent of premises and materials.

$ 200 million – you can own a beautiful Bubble tea

This is enough money for you to have a beautifully decorated Bubble tea shop with eye-catching designs and decorations of whatever style you want to attract more customers. In that, the beautiful location you should choose is in crowded places like schools, office buildings or in the neighborhood …

2. What is the successful Bubble tea business?
Clear business objectives

Whether your bubble tea business is successful or not is due to careful preparation and direction. This process starts with identifying the Bubble tea business goal. You do not just need to outline your Bubble Tea business goals in the first three months, one year, two years … but also need to set a specific profit figure to strive for.

Identify the right target customer

The key factor that determines 99% success for your Bubble Tea business is identifying the right target audience! You can serve students, office workers teen … Then you need to grasp the psychology, behavior of the target group and serve the best.

Carefully research your competitors

An indispensable business when trading Bubble tea is market research and competitors. Besides researching the market, you’ll also have to research other Bubble Tea outlets within your business, and pay attention to the newly opened Bubble Tea Outlets.

You should find out what business they are, their Bubble tea has something unique, many customers, competitors have nothing and not … to improve your Bubble tea.

3. How to allocate funds efficiently

Even if you have the funds in hand, if you do not know how to allocate them effectively, then your Bubble Tea business will fail!

In addition to estimating and determining your total investment for the Bubble Tea Shop, you will also need to plan for the following:

-Transfer premises for at least 6 months

Design, Bubble tea

– Equip necessary items and materials

– Ensure maintenance costs: staff salaries, utility bills, taxes …

– Other fees: expenses for business licenses, marketing expenses, expenses incurred …

In particular, you have to prepare for the launch of Bubble tea and promotion, because the first phase you need to spend a lot of money for advertising and promotions to attract customers, before the business situation go into stability.

4.Business knowledge and experience of Bubble tea
Improving your knowledge, skills will be an indispensable step if you want to open a successful Bubble Tea franchise. Taking a bubble tea course in Ho Chi Minh City will not only help you understand how to design an impressive Bubble Tea menu, but also help you learn business experiences, to cope with the difficulties that arise in the real world. later.

Especially, when learning to bubble to open Bubble tea, you will be experienced in finding partners in construction, design, materials … from the people who used to sell Bubble tea. public.

In addition, in the classrooms of Bubble tea schools, you can find the ideal people, along with you to open a Bubble tea shop.

Beautiful location will contribute 80% of success when opening Bubble tea

There are two ways to choose a Bubble tea location that you can refer to: either you make use of available locations, or rent out premises. In that, if you rent space then you should pay special attention to the appropriate places, with criteria such as:

-Location for young people (age <30), couples or families.

-Many schools

Nearly densely populated areas, especially near the apartment complex

-Lots of entertainment spots or crowded streets

If you can not find a good location, you should choose places where few people compete and estimate there will be enough potential customers, this is also a good solution.

6. Learn about two popular Bubble tea business models today:

Business franchise Bubble tea

The acquisition of well-known Bubble tea brands such as Dingtea, Gongcha, KOI, Chago … will make your business much easier, with the number of loyal customers available for each brand. However, this is a form of business investment capital is quite large, especially the money invested in the franchise, can be up to hundreds of million.

Build your own brand

This is a great fit for those who want to open a small and small Bubble tea shop, so you can be proactive in business and save money.

Complete space and menu design Bubble tea
To decorate the Bubble Tea space, you should design the shop in style impressive and unique, different from other Bubble tea shops in the area.

Also, to create an impressive bubble tea menu, you should create a variety of flavors of bubble tea, color, and topping.

Turns out: 1 cup of Bubble tea is not only lack of attractive but also not much profit compared to many types of topping is included!

8. Invest in necessary machinery and materials
One of the most important things that you always have to keep in mind is to accurately determine the size of your Bubble tea business before buying the necessary supplies and materials to avoid wasting money.

9. Do Bubble Tea Shops Need Business Permits?
For your convenience, you should apply for a business license and food safety certification. You should not overlook this step if you want to do long term.

10. Fully staffing
Depending on the Bubble tea business model you decide on the need for personnel. There are two types of recruitment that are full time and part time. For small and medium-sized bubble tea shops, if you do not know about Bubble tea, you have to hire someone with expertise and experience with a high salary.

However, if you are the owner, you know how to brew the Bubble tea can recruit people who have no experience and training them, this can save a significant cost. In addition, the knowledge of bubble tea will also help you manage, monitor your employees and evaluate the quality of their products before serving customers.

Make sure the bubble tea works well
Before officially opening, you have to run to see if your Bubble Tea shop has been running smoothly. Do you need any adjustments? You can invite friends and relatives to pick up guests but not officially opened, and check the activities of each department is ready for the opening day crowded yet!

12. Marketing Plan for Bubble Tea
The opening of Bubble Tea is a very important period, deciding the success of the restaurant later. If your bubble tea has attracted a large number of customers at the time of launch and made them satisfied, then surely your Bubble tea shop will maintain a stable number of customers during the opening hours.

Therefore, planning marketing, marketing before opening Bubble tea is very important. In particular, marketing must be based on the budget you have and the target audience.

So, here are all the important steps that will help you prepare well for the opening day of your Bubble tea. In addition, the article also suggests you the Bubble tea business model in line with the existing capital, hoping to help you business Bubble tea success!