Sangria is a famous drink originated in Spain, usually consisting of wine, chopped fruit, sweetener and a small amount of alcohol. This drink is very popular with both Spaniards and Portuguese. Sangria comes from “Sangre”, Spanish for “blood”, because the red color is the characteristic of this drink. Someone has compared Sangria as the woman


Bartender not only make their customers fascinated by mocktail glasses, colorful cocktails, fascinating but also by the skill of attracting, skilled. Flair Bartending is an advanced performer of the Bartender. Although the time and effort to spend a lot but once you hold this skill you will conquer the customer in any situation. Beginning in

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Soda is used in conjunction with many other ingredients, especially fresh fruits, fruit jams or syrups, they are making of the soda water extremely delicious, refreshing. The cool taste of it will definitely make cool and the burning souls! In the previous article, #cocktailforlove introduced you how to make mint soda cool. Today, we will learn